The Best Massachusetts Destinations for Snow Sports 

Now that the weather is slowly getting chillier, it is officially the time of year that so many people in New England, and around the country, look forward to: snow sports. There are so many different types of snow sports and so many outstanding places to go in the New England area to experience a fun day of snow sports with family and friends. Whether you are a skier, snowboarder, snow-shoer or ice skater, there is something perfect for everyone. Here are some of our favorite locations to enjoy snow sports, which you should add to your bucket list for this upcoming season:

For the downhill skiers or snowboarders… 

We cannot recommend the Blue Hills Ski Area enough! Blue Hills Ski Area is located in Canton, Massachusetts and is part of the Blue Hills Reservation. At this ski area, you can enjoy 16 different trails at a 309 ft vertical drop over a total of 60-acres. Not to mention, there are 4 different lifts, and the fun does not have to stop once the sun goes down. Blue Hills offers induction lighting on their trails that are environmentally friendly and allow you to enjoy the slopes through the night!

For the snowshoers… 

We recommend hitting up Boston Nature Center, located in Mattapan, or Broad Meadow Brook, located in Worcester. You can rent snow shoes any time that there is at least 6-inches of snow on the ground, either by yourself, or through guided snowshoe walks that are perfect for those that are just starting out. What a great way to enjoy the beautiful wood views in the winter with your family!

For the ice skaters… 

If you are not already familiar with the Boston Common Frog Pond, it is one of the best places to enjoy ice skating with friends and family in all of Massachusetts! It is the oldest and one of the most special public parks in all of the country. Visit their ice-skating schedule located on their website to find a time that works best for you.

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